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The Squirtess is for women and vagina owners,
who would like to squirt themselves and for couples who like to engage in squirting.

MADE IN GERMANY - medical material - 3 in 1

🤍 three functions in one toy

The Squirtess can make you squirt in two ways. On the one hand through the innovative G-spot stimulation, on the other hand through the Kunyaza tapping technique  from Rwanda. In addition, the pelvic floor can be trained with the Squirtess.

🤍 innovative G-spot stimulator

The registered design is novel and effective . Up to now there have been bent dildos that have to be positioned exactly on the G-zone, slip left and right and can therefore be a bit unwieldy. With the Squirtess there is no slipping. It nestles around the G-zone and stimulates where desired. Because their shape adapts to the woman's natural physiology. Feel the difference!

🤍 Kunyaza tapping technique

Kunyaza is de rigueur in bedrooms in Rwanda. Women like to hang their sheets out to dry in front of the door to show how passionate the night of love was. With the Squirtess, Kunyaza can be imitated and trigger squirting.

🤍 Pelvic floor training

The narrower side of the Squirtess can be used like a Yoni egg or love balls for pelvic floor training. The advantage here: You have control over the intensity of the training. You can determine your own progress. How exactly, you will find out in the instructions .

🤍 made in Germany

The Squirtess is manufactured in the German capital Berlin. Manufacturing on demand, no unnecessary transport costs and efficient shipping are our contribution to quality and sustainability.

🤍 no silicone

The Squirtess is an innovation. Most sex toys are made of silicone. The Squirtess is made of a new, tested material that stands out. Odorless and transparent. The surface becomes a little softer at body temperature and just feels wonderful!

🤍 hygienic

The Squirtess can be easily cleaned and boiled if necessary.

🤍 seamless interface

As if from a single source! Hygiene is important. Therefore, the Squirtess has no seams, narrow grooves or edges where something could get stuck and become unhygienic.

🤍 can be used with oil

Unlike silicone and other materials, the Squirtess is not sensitive and can be used with oil. Of course, lubricants also work.

🤍 without battery or rechargeable battery

Do you feel like self-love, but your toy isn't charged? That can't happen to you with the Squirtess.

Unleash your divine femininity!

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