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AMRITA is Sanskrit for woman's squirt fluid. She was seen as the divine nectar of women. Our free-spirited ancestors knew exactly about the benefits of squirting.

Unleash your inner goddess! Be more confident, radiant and at one with your body!

What is the Squirtess?

Die Squirtess ist ein neues und innovatives Stimulations-Toy, mit dem Du auf zwei verschiedene Arten selbst squirten oder jemand anders zum Squirten bringen kannst. Zudem kannst du mit der Squirtess den Beckenboden trainieren.

  • Kunyaza

    You can make yourself squirt with a traditional Rwandan practice called Kunyaza .

  • G-zone stimulation

    With its innovative design, the point can be stimulated very effectively like never before.

  • Pelvic floor training

    With the Squirtess you can train your pelvic floor.

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What defines the squirtess?

three functions in one toy

The Squirtess can make you squirt in two ways. On the one hand through the innovative G-spot stimulation, on the other hand through the Kunyaza tapping technique from Rwanda. In addition, the pelvic floor can be trained with the Squirtess.

innovative G-spot stimulator

The registered design is novel and effective. Up to now there have been bent dildos that have to be positioned exactly on the G-zone, slip left and right and can therefore be a bit unwieldy. With the Squirtess there is no slipping. It nestles around the G-zone and stimulates where desired. Because their shape adapts to the woman's natural physiology. Feel the difference!

Kunyaza tapping technique

Kunyaza is de rigueur in bedrooms in Rwanda. Women like to hang their sheets out to dry in front of the door to show how passionate the night of love was. With the Squirtess, Kunyaza can be imitated and trigger squirting.

Pelvic floor training

The narrower side of the Squirtess can be used like a Yoni egg or love balls for pelvic floor training. The advantage here: You have control over the intensity of the training. You can determine your own progress. How exactly, you will find out in the instructions .

no silicone

The Squirtess is an innovation. Most sex toys are made of silicone. The Squirtess is made of a new, tested material that stands out. Odorless and transparent.


The Squirtess can be easily cleaned.

seamless surface

As if from a single source! Hygiene is important. Therefore, the Squirtess has no seams, narrow grooves or edges where something could get stuck and become unhygienic.

can be used with oil

Unlike silicone and other materials, the Squirtess is not sensitive and can be used with oil. Of course, lubricants also work.

without battery or rechargeable battery

Do you feel like self-love, but your toy isn't charged? That can't happen to you with the Squirtess.

The story behind the Squirtess

Squirting is so much more than a hip sexual practice.
It can be an incredible self-confidence boost!
Unleashed feminine energy! Shamelessness in the best sense! Pure self-love! Allowing the nectar of the gods, as it was called in ancient scriptures, to flow can bring deep relaxation to the body and make us feel powerful and strong! It is the feeling of great empowerment that can enrich our everyday lives!

But one thing at a time.

Hello you wonderful person! I'm Jeanne.

I'm in my early 40s, and a few years ago I didn't know what squirting was. As I delved deeper into the subject, I realized that I had always been able to do it, because my first boyfriend asked me "Did you pee on me?" He hadn't minded. But we didn't discuss it any further and squirting continued to be an unconscious thing. Until I liberated myself sexually. The term squirting kept coming up, but I never found a good, detailed description of how I can squirt myself . So I researched. My first information was that I was dependent on another person who could make me squirt. Not easy to find! Unfortunately, some of them were quite brutal in their technique. And let's be honest. This can also lead to a lot of performance pressure on both sides. I didn't want to accept that and tried a lot to be able to squirt on my own. I wanted to give myself this gift but also show it to my partner. And as you can see, I was successful! I discovered Kunyaza and found it to be an effective way to squirt.
And then I realized how incredibly good it is for the body, mind and soul!

By chance and my love of experimenting with toys, I came up with the design of the Squirtess and knew: I wanted to make it a reality! So I learned how to use a 3D program and started developing products. I looked for partners and was motivated by people around me to keep going.

When developing the Squirtess, I also came up with a design that mimics the "come-hither" movement of the fingers during G-spot stimulation. This innovative sex toy offers two ways to trigger squirting.

In addition, you can use the Squirtess for pelvic floor training. How exactly, you will find out in the instructions .

Earn with us!

Empowerment also means financial freedom. I see earning my own money and taking advantage of today's opportunities as a wonderful opportunity. I started this company to help empower women in particular. But not to feed the dark side of feminism. No, the opposite is the case. I am convinced that female and male energies complement each other! And money is also a form of energy that can be directed in the right direction. That's why I would like my success to be your success too. My marketing budget should also flow into your recommendation of Squirtess and help to empower you financially. Whatever gender you feel like you belong to, be there!

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