Earn Money!

10% cash for every Squirtess sold through your recommendation and for every 5 Squirtesses sold you will receive a Squirtess as a bonus

Become part of the Squirtess community and earn money from my success!

If you would like to join in, register on the recommendation platform. There you will find your personal recommendation code, with which the buyers get 10% and you get 10% for your recommendation. Alternatively, you will also receive a referral link that you can pass on. If this link is accessed, buyers will immediately have a 10% discount in their shopping cart. If the purchase is made, you will automatically receive 10% and can see this in the system. Then we wait for the cancellation period plus two weeks so that we know that the purchase has actually been made and that no return has taken place, and you will have cash in your bank account for the next monthly payment run!


Boss babe vibes

When you earn income, you have responsibility. If you develop ambitions to become a real ambassador for the brand, please pay attention to your legal obligations. It may be necessary to register a business and pay taxes. Please find out how much that is in your case. Similar to eBay sales, you are responsible for reporting your earnings once they reach a certain level.

The transfer to you includes 19% VAT. If you exceed the legal amount that stipulates when you have to pay tax on commercial income, you may be obliged to pay this VAT again.

With every transfer you will receive a statement from me with VAT shown and all relevant data so that you can provide this in your tax program, to the tax advisor or to the tax office.