Squirting Tutorial

The SQUIRTESS is a toy for squirting

The Squirtess can contribute to the squirting experience in three different ways. On the one hand, it offers two different ways to squirt and can also train the pelvic floor.

🤍 Take your time

Everything I describe here below is not a real-time guide. For each individual event, it is important to take time to repeat pleasant things and explore options and individual preferences. Squirting in particular and pleasure in general are a gift we give ourselves. Sensuality and enjoyment are the focus so that well-being, satisfaction and relaxation can occur. By the way, since every woman is different, the flow can manifest itself differently. For some it splashes, for some it flows. Everything is normal. There is no right or wrong. Squirting most naturally occurs as a result of previous pleasure. So if you have already experienced physical self-love or togetherness soon or immediately beforehand.

🤍 The cycle

We are not the same every day. Especially shortly before the days, squirting may be less easy to induce. The uterus is deeper and the cervix is ​​closer to the exit and possibly in the way, which can limit the whole dynamic. Depending on your body type, this fact can also be beneficial. Find out for yourself what differences appear in the cycle for you and your body when squirting. Accept your daily form, mentally and physically, lovingly and organize your time accordingly.

🤍 The preparation

Squirting is not a fancy skill that can be forced. It works best if you create a feel-good atmosphere. This can mean something different for each person individually. Whatever you need to get in the mood, give yourself time for yourself and enjoy your undisturbed time to love yourself.

Squirting is not the same as peeing. But to be on the safe side and feel comfortable, it is recommended to visit the place again immediately beforehand or in between.

Choose a lubricant that suits you. The squirt fluid is not slippery, but rather dulls the area. It is therefore advisable to ensure gliding from time to time. The Squirtess can be used with lubricant, but also with oil, such as coconut oil.

🤍 The position

Find a comfortable position on your back. When squirting, it is recommended that you lean slightly higher. A pillow under the bottom makes squirting even easier. The legs are opened and bent. It is also very good to go so far when bending that you lift your feet. It also depends on your experience whether you move your hand over or under your leg to reach your G-zone. You can decide all of this as you wish and feel comfortable.

🤍 The secret

In my opinion, the well-intentioned advice to “relax and let go” is a bit misleading when it comes to squirting. Yes, it is beneficial to be open, to lovingly push aside concerns that something like peeing might happen. But once you feel what's happening in your genital area during "normal sex", it's an alternation of relaxation and tension. An interaction of all the small muscles that are involved in lovemaking.

And you can use these muscles. To get a feel for it, I recommend introducing the larger side of the Squirtess a bit. Just enough for the tip to disappear. You can also use another toy for this. Then you try to push the squirtess out. This will help you see how you can play with the pressure to the outside. This is, so to speak, the opposite movement to pelvic floor training, in which the same muscle region is used to hold something in. Explore this difference and see how it feels. This way you can get to know yourself even better there. Because: when excited and also when squirting, this exact muscle movement occurs outwards. Relaxation happens in your head when you allow yourself to let go and don't care about anything in the best possible sense.

That's what the Squirtess is intended for, among other things. To calmly approach the “letting go point” at your own pace, step by step, without external expectations.

🤍 The desire

Enjoy and stimulate yourself to initiate pleasurable squirting. Some women report that squirting works from a purely physical point of view. But this is very unpleasant and completely misses the point of giving pleasure. A feeling of emptiness spreads. We strive for fulfillment. Sensuality, excitement and stimulation of the entire region provide the best conditions for squirting. This can be done through your preferred type of self-love, but depending on your mood, you can also use the two ends of the Squirtess to pamper your vulva, lips and clitoris. These swell, exert gentle pressure on the inside and thus promote squirting in a completely natural way. The G-zone also swells. The squirt fluid collects there in the internal paraurethral gland.

🤍 Repetitions

Squirting is pleasure over a longer period of time. Like ebb and flow. Once Squirt has come out, it's time to take a break. Further stimulation of the entire region replenishes the Skene gland and the next round can proceed if desired.

🤍 First squirting method: Kunyaza

In Rwanda, this sexual practice has always felt like a natural part of lovemaking. It is an alternation of penetration and tapping the vulva, labia and perineum with the penis. On the one hand, penetration increases excitement, blood flows to everything and causes it to swell. On the other hand, tapping brings further stimulation and triggers squirting. I describe this technique first because it can lead to squirting quite involuntarily and sensitize you to it. Although tapping may seem a little harder, it is still a gentle method.

Both sides of the squirtess can penetrate, increasing the excitement and causing the pleasure zones to swell. To use the tapping technique with her, hold the Squirtess on her side with the "pelvic floor knob" and gently tap your vulva and lips with the large, smooth surface. A good trick: take your free hand, place it on the upper area of ​​your vulva, apply pressure and pull the area towards you so that your lips stretch out. Also remember to do the “pushing out” movement you practiced before! Explore how quickly and with what pressure this muscle movement and tapping is comfortable for you. More intense pressure is more likely to trigger squirting.

🤍 Second squirting method: "Come here"

When performing this squirt technique, one or more fingers are inserted into the vagina with the palm facing the abdominal wall. There you can feel the so-called G-spot or, more accurately, the G-zone shortly after the entrance. A ridged surface about the size of a date that protrudes from the vaginal wall. Below this is the Skene's gland (paraurethral gland). It forms the squirt fluid. When this area is stimulated, it fills with squirt and swells. In order to get the "holy" flow going, as ancient cultures liked to call it, the fingers repeatedly perform a "come here" movement. In addition to curling the fingers, they are gently pulled out of the vagina and then reinserted in a straight position. This is repeated at different speeds and adjusted pressure depending on preference. This will bring out the squirt fluid.

The Squirtess has a unique design that makes this process possible thanks to its special shape. When the Squirtess is inserted, it nestles around the G-zone. If it is now pulled out, the curvature at the tip does exactly what your fingers would do. The G-spot is stimulated. You determine the speed, pressure and angle. Experiment with what feels good for you. The paraurethral gland, also called the Skened gland, has filled with squirt fluid. The Squirtess, through her shape, now promotes the unloading of the "holy" river, as some ancient cultures called it. Here, too, the tricks of stretching the lips and the "push-out" movement of the internal muscles can promote unloading. Now you can alternate between stimulating and enjoying the flow.

🤍 Pelvic floor training

Strengthened pelvic floor muscles are also very beneficial for squirting. With the Squirtess you can, so to speak, tug with yourself with the shorter side. Once the smaller side is inserted, make sure that the thickening is behind the muscles. Now pull the toy in with your muscles while holding it tight. In contrast to K egel training, for example with Yoni eggs, you have an exact impression of how strong your pelvic shape is because you literally have the training in your own hands. Both types have their advantages. Now you have another option to choose from.