Translated, Kunyaza means something like “to make the source flow”.

In Rwanda, this sexual practice has always felt like a natural part of lovemaking.

It is an alternation of penetration and tapping the vulva, lips and perineum with the penis. On the one hand, penetration increases excitement, blood flows to everything and causes it to swell. On the other hand, tapping brings further stimulation and triggers squirting.

Squirting doesn't have to be accompanied by an orgasm, but with Kunyaza it can trigger a "blended orgasm", i.e. a mixture of clitoral and vaginal orgasm, or a very unique feeling of climax.

It is most effective if the woman or vagina owner lies on her back and opens and bends her legs. Your partner is facing you and is gently tapping the region mentioned with your penis or a suitable toy. This is done alternately with penetration. This procedure increases pleasure, blood circulation and leads to squirting.

With the Squirtess, Kunyaza is imitated by tapping the pleasure zones with the smooth surface on the larger side of the toy.

You can read exactly how this works here.

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