Bleeding after squirting

There are some forum posts on the Internet in which women describe that they have discovered light, bright red bleeding after squirting with their partner. This causes concern and uncertainty. It had felt so good. Now how can that be? Bright red bleeding is usually a sign of minimal injury and will stop within a very short time. They are caused, for example, by fingernails or hardened areas of skin on the fingers that trigger squirting. This in itself is no cause for alarm. The partner usually feels quite guilty when bleeding occurs. But this can happen in a hurry. Of course, things shouldn't be too harsh when it comes to squirting. It should be an intimate experience and should not put any pressure on anyone to perform. So what to do?

A very good alternative to fingering, and this is admittedly not really surprising, is to use the Squirtess . It has a smooth surface and does not have any sharp edges that could damage the sensitive vaginal walls.

Otherwise, caution is required. Cutting nails short and filing them smooth is good preparation. The finger technique can also be adjusted slightly so that bleeding no longer occurs.

Basically: Communication and consensus are the key to a fulfilling squirting experience.

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